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“Everywhere militants were blowing up Christians ... the message to these 'infidels': You don’t belong in Iraq. Leave, pay the penalty to stay, or be ready to die."

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They Say We Are Infidels
Sweeping across the Middle East, fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are savagely brutalizing and annihilating Christians. Where did the terrorists come from? Why are they targeting the faithful? And what can be done to stop them?

For the past decade, journalist Mindy Belz has returned again and again to the Middle East, following Iraqi Christians fleeing from rape, murder, kidnapping, and suicide bombing. Belz brings the stark reality of this escalating genocide to light, sharing the stories of real-life Christians who refuse to abandon their faith—together with the hope that still lives, even in the face of terror.

  • Learn what’s really happening behind the terrifying news footage
  • Meet and be inspired by real people in Iraq and Syria who live every day under threat of murder, rape, or kidnapping—but will not deny their faith
  • Discover where ISIS came from and understand the violent forces driving it
  • Be informed about the “slow genocide” that has been secretly infiltrating the region for over a decade
  • Find out how the church and believers are finding ways to help

A must-read for anyone seeking a firmer grasp on the complex dynamics at play in war-torn Iraq and Syria.

Author and Journalist Mindy Belz

As the editor of World magazine and writer for the publication since 1986, Mindy has covered war in the Balkans, Sudan, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan and has given on-the-ground news coverage from Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, and elsewhere. Her reporting has been published in the United States and overseas and been featured in publications such as The Weekly Standard. Mindy has appeared on national television and radio talk shows and speaks frequently about persecution and survival in the Middle East. Belz and her husband have four children and live in Asheville, NC. Follow Mindy on Twitter

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Reviews for They Say We Are Infidels

  • What happened to the Jews in Germany in the 1930s and to the Rwandans in the 1990s is happening to Christians in Iraq and Syria today while the United States does nothing. Again. And again U.S. journalists are ignoring it, the story of our generation. But thank God one journalist has not ignored it. In fact, Mindy Belz has lived through much of it, and in They Say We Are Infidels she has produced a searing journalistic tour de force. It is a courageous, absolutely fascinating book that tells us how this has happened—and how it is happening now, this minute.  Tolle lege.
    New York Times Bestselling Author and Nationally Syndicated Radio Host
  • Mindy Belz’s book should be nominated for Book of the Year! The world cannot continue ignoring the genocide and persecution in the Middle East. Read this, then buy copies for all your friends.
    Author, Pastor, Saddleback Church
  • This sensitive, informative, and beautifully written book possesses all the immediacy and emotional power of a novel. Yet it combines meticulous reporting of real people with an enormous knowledge of the contemporary Middle East. Belz reflects a deep concern for the courageous Christians suffering persecution there, and her writing is engaging and wrenchingly intimate. Insightful, lucid, and irenic, this book will do much to dispel the fog of misunderstanding that prevails among so many concerning the extent of suffering there... After finishing this book, readers will immediately want to pray for our brothers and sisters in this troubled region of the world. I know I did.
    Vice President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, Washington, DC
  • To be a Christian in Iraq and Syria is to live in mortal danger. Churches are bombed, pastors murdered, children kidnapped. Families whose ancestors have survived two thousand years in the region where Christ and his disciples walked now risk elimination by Islamic terrorists. Journalist Mindy Belz has spent more than a decade covering persecuted Christians in the Middle East. They Say We Are Infidels is her brilliantly reported account of what it means to be a follower of Jesus there. It is the harrowing and often inspiring story of men and women of unshakable faith.
    Author of Escape from North Korea: The Untold Story of Asia’s Underground Railroad
  • Mindy Belz has earned respect for reporting on world affairs with accuracy and insight for over twenty-five years. In They Say We Are Infidels, Belz chronicles the rise of Islamic extremism and the worsening plight of Christians in the Middle East since 2003 through the eyes of the Iraqi people. The narrative is informative, powerful, and beautifully written. This book is a must-read for all who are concerned about what is happening in the Middle East.
    Member of Congress, retired (1981–2014); Senior Distinguished Fellow, The 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative; Wilson Chair in Religious Freedom, Baylor University
  • What is happening to Christians in the Middle East can be summed up in one word: genocide. They Say We Are Infidels is filled with gripping and fascinating first-hand accounts of the events that have led to this tragedy, the atrocities currently happening, and how the Church must stand for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ. It is my hope that this book will stir my fellow Christians to take action through supporting those working to bring international attention to this genocide, to hold our leaders accountable to stand up and stop it, and to bring aid and comfort to those who are courageously suffering for Christ. I highly recommend this riveting book.

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